Golfo dei Poeti

The Gulf of Poets

Where Lord Byron and Shelley, English Poets, used to live.

Bayron used to swim across the Gulf, from Lerici to Portovenere.

They lived in Lerici and San Terenzio.

– It is the hour – (Lord Byron)

It is the hour when from the boughs
The nightingale’s high note is heard;
It is the hour when lover’s vows
Seem sweet in every whisper’d word;
And gentle winds and waters near,
Make music to the lonely ear.
Each flower the dews have lightly wet,
And in the sky the stars are met,
And on the wave is deeper blue,
And on the leaf a browner hue,
And in the Heaven that clear obscure
So softly dark, and darkly pure,
That follows the decline of day
As twilight melts beneath the moon away.

Monte Marcello and the ‘Altavia’

There is a beautiful long distance walk that starts in Monte Marcello, leads to Portovenere and Cinqueterre: walking on Altavia with stunning landscapes and beautiful Meditterenean bush is a fantastic experience.

Going Inland SARZANA

Medieval Market Town on the Via Francigena.

At the end of the Magra Valley lies the ancient fortress town of Sarzana in Liguria, home to the prestigious pilgrimage route of the Via Francigena.

Built at the beginning of the 11th Century, its strategic position enabled the town to control important communication lines as both the trading routes of the Via Aurelia and Via Francigena passed through.

Trading traffic increased along both routes and new villages such as Sarzana were built to accommodate the needs of the travellers. As the paths prospered, so did the territory of the town which now stretches from the seaside resort of Marinella and the ancient Roman archaeological site of Luni, by the River Magra, to the hilltop town of Falcinello with the fortress.